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Dignity Overnight Adult Diapers (10Pcs inside 1 pack) for Overnight Use

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    Overnight Adult Diapers
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Dignity Overnight Adult Diapers 10 Pcs,  (Pack of 1) Safe for both men & women-

10 premium adult diapers for upto 12-16 hrs incontinence protection for both men and women.

Dignity overnight adult diapers is ideal for overnight use or heavy bladder and bowel leakage.

Combination of cloth-feel non woven top, absorbent fluff pads and super absorbent polybeads ensures maximum absorbency with heavy protection.

Designed with leg wraps to provide a snug fit and extra locking layer to provide extra protection from leakage.

Refastenable side tapes for proper positioning and a comfortable fit and a wetness indicator is placed outside and fades in colour when the diaper needs changing.

Higher absorption capacity leads to prolonged use. Super soft hypoallergenic fabric leads to comfort for individuals with sensitive skin. Extra locking layer helps eliminate odour.

Specially designed blue colour strip evenly distributes urine in the core and prevents it from coming out of the top sheet.

Super absorbent core design consists of two layers of super absorbent pads which absorbs wetness immediately and keeps user dry and clean.

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